Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ROBBIE!! - on a tiny stage!

November 25th we queued (lined) up for hours in order to see.......

Robbie Williams!!!

This was only his second live performance in 3 years

The concert was at The Metro - a small club in downtown Sydney

And oh my GOSH it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

He really is SUCH a superstar

He was funny and chatty and his voice sounded amazing

I have never seen Robbie perform live before - and to see him such a small venue - all I can say is WOW. His live voice is VERY good!

It really was a chance in a lifetime - I'm SO glad we got tickets

Of course he finished with Angels - but asked us to sing ninjas instead, because he he has sung that song SO many times. It was hilarious - and still sounded great!

He always talks about moving here, he loves the Aussie way of life.

Thank you Robbie Williams for a fantastic night -
that was one of the best concerts I have EVER seen!!


  1. Is this the guy that shook hands with Murray at the awards? ~Joni

  2. Yes Joni - this is the guy! He is a HUGE star(everywhere but America) In his 12-year solo career, he has sold more than 55 million albums!! That's not counting the success he had with the boy band Take That.

  3. shoot - I somehow accidentally deleted your other comment Joni - sorry! Anyhow - miss you tooooooooo! :)

  4. I saw Jason Mraz, my absolute favorite, at the Metro also a few years back. It's a great intimate venue. It was the best concert I have ever seen. I can imagine a Robbie concert there would be pretty cool too.

  5. Lance was out of town for a while.
    Didn't realise he was in Oz.