Saturday, December 24, 2011

playing with Marcus in all the boxes
SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to Aunty Helen's headphones while we cleaned our old apartment

Genna's new sofa from Dada

SO comfy

I LOVE it!

New highchair at the new house - nice & roomy

Uncle Marky putting together Genna's new house

Playing in our new yard with Amelia & Clara

Drawing in her new house

LOVING the windows

love the leg cross

My view from the kitchen window of Genna's log cabin - perfect!

New pencil table - YAY!

Opening xmas presents in her pretty dress


New apron & kitchen stuff - FUN

I LOVE my new monkey handbag!!!

Coloring on Christmas bags - fun!

Unwrapping is SO much fun (so much fun that she even started unwrapping all of the crayons!)

Reading one of her new books

Princess in her new tutu!

Painting with Uncle Marky

what an artist - we were laughing that the first thing she did on every page was black out the eyes!

Checking out her new water spouting whale in the pool - FUN!

There he is over there

and relaxing in the pool with Dada


  1. Merry Christmas! Love you; so great to see Uncle Marky celebrating Christmas with Murray and you. Genevieve is just loving each and every moment of life at her new home,too! Congratulations. This is truly a Christmas to remember. Give our love to Peter, Lyn, and Helen. XXOO
    Grandma and Grandpa Esmay

  2. The house looks FANTASTIC!! And you all look so 'homey' there! Definitely home-sweet-home. And Uncle Marky is such a natural! We missed you all and are thinking of you often today. Merry Christmas!!! Love,
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. Merry Christmas!! Great shots and videos!! Love how she carries the purse everywhere!!
    Love you all - miss you all,
    Auntie Joni