Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tough Week but with a fun ending!

Crazy hair!!! You invented this game where you go pull all of my tank tops off of the shelf and put the arm hole around your neck then run around laughing.

What Mama? No, I am not stretching them out!

You had a tough week this week with sickness, and ended up in our bed quite a few nights after we weren't able to settle you down. The comfort of being close to us meant you were able to sleep. Having someone who rotates 360 degrees in their sleep does not help Mama & Dada sleep though!

Ahhhh sleeping beauty with her bunny :)

We had a visitor on our balcony one afternoon

You were intrigued!

Check out my cool new bird!

Your Uncle Marcus arrived from Minnesota this weekend too - you guys had a blast at the beach!

The ocean is cold but fun!!!!!

You also enjoy watching fraggle rock on the internet with him

And having a chat while being tickled by the tickle monster :) You sure love your uncle!!

Also - you are getting so heavy I really can't carry you everywhere anymore. So this week we started working on walking & holding Mama's hand. I say 'finger Genna' and you grab my finger and hold on tight and we walk together. I'm very impressed on how good you are - always holding on and not running off :)


  1. Looks like it took Genna all of two seconds to warm up to Uncle Marcus (aka Tickle Monster)!! What a blast to see them together - keep the photos and videos coming!! Love you all, Aunt Joni

  2. I am so delighted Marcus could come and visit You, Zak, and Genna. What wonderful times Genna and Marcus will have together, plus enjoying your move to the new home. Have a wonderful Christmas, we love you and miss you more than words can say. Love G. Gram

  3. My Uncle Marcus and Me

    My Uncle Marcus came to visit me,
    He flew for days and hours across the sea.
    Marcus is really big but a teddy bear guy,
    When he saw me there was a tear in his eye.

    I have been sick and had a nasty ear ache,
    Only so much pain I am able to take.
    So before he came I was not feeling great,
    I slept with Mom and Dad; that's a mistake.

    At night I am restless when I feel blue,
    Rocking and rolling...that's what I do.
    With love and medication, I'm feeling better,
    Santa Claus can send me a "Good Girl"letter.

    So my Uncle and I are having lots of fun,
    He stays for a month,the party's just begun.
    Marcus likes to take me for walks outside,
    We go to the beaches and play on the slide.

    My favorite Uncle wrote a song for me,
    That was when I was a mere baby, you see.
    Marcus called me his little kangaroo,
    That's when I was a teeny,tiny infant,too.

    Now I am getting older and smarter each day.
    I know what I want to eat and what to play.
    After all, I am over a year old right now,
    I'm the first granddaughter;I'll take a bow.

    So, bring on the good times, spoil me Marc,
    Show me you love me and take me to the park.
    The days will go fast that you're here,
    Before long you will be far away, not near.

    Make time for the zoo and the animals nearby,
    Hold me on your shoulders-pretend I can fly.
    Tell me a story and sing me a song,
    Please be happy to take me along.

    One day you will remember these sunny days,
    When good times and laughter were the craze.
    And I was little and you were so strong,
    Some day I will visit you; it won't be long.

  4. So, so LOVE the photos with Marcus!! What does Genna call him???
    Great Auntie Jani