Friday, November 25, 2011

This Week

It has been a busy week. We made it to the mall one rainy day, and checked out the playground.

The slide was the most fun!

YAY I did it all by myself!!

We also attended our Mothers Group Christmas party - the Dad's came too - it was fun! (although none of the kids liked the Dad dressed as Santa - almost all of them burst into tears when he appeared - including Genna!)
Pretty girl in your party dress

There are more girls than boys in our group - but somehow we managed to get this shot with all the boys! From left (clockwise) Wendel, You, Billy, Beau & Rory

You got a lovely dog pull toy - you love to turn around in a circle while pulling it!

SOMEONE insisted she MUST have a chocolate chip cookie while shopping -
ahhh the telling chocolate smear on the cheek!

Also, a story I forgot to tell last week -

Last week at daycare they said one day you didn't nap at all! You were in a cot across from Isla - and you two kept standing up and imitating the noises each of you were making. You were also jumping up and down in your cots. There is a window, so Leeanne could see what you were doing. Every time she came in to check on you, you'd both quickly lay down like 'we KNOW we are supposed to be sleeping'!! Then as soon as she left you'd be right back up acting silly!

You are all about talking this week. You follow me around and repeat words I say. You have mastered 'more' 'bubbles' 'all done' and 'please' (when I prompt it). You have repeated countless other words this week - you really are soaking it all in!

Its not only dolls for you! You love cars too.

You just started saying 'Night Night' today - while tucking your bunny in with a little blanket - too cute!


  1. Love her little dresses! And the story about Isla and her at day care is too funny! How much fun that she has a partner-in-crime!! Thanks again for sharing!
    Great Aunt Jani

  2. The story about Santa had me laughing out loud - poor dad who couldn't quite pull it off :) Love that blue dress you're wearing in the party photo!

  3. Night,night!

    Night,night,my dear Bunny,
    Night,night, my sweet Bear.
    Yesterday, Daycare was funny,
    Isla and I chatted without a care.

    No time for me to sleep during the day.
    Napping time is for the slow of mind,
    I have lots of things I want to say,
    There are malls,slides, and cars to find.

    So, if I am tired enough, maybe I'll sleep,
    But it's not high on my list of choices,
    No laying down during the day without a peep.
    After all I am learning words and voices.

    At night I will slumber in my own bed,
    With my bunny beside me and a book near by,
    While visions of Santa appear in my head,
    Who is that Santa and can he really fly?

    No time for me to sleep during the day,
    Life is too exciting and full of fun,
    How can you stop me when I am busy in play?
    Oh, my conversations have only begun!

    Night,night, my dear Mom,
    Night,night, my dear Dad.
    Taking naps may be quite a bomb,
    But speaking and learning is the fad.