Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween!

You were dressed up as a ballerina again this year because the costume (a cute lamb!) Grandma sent you got stolen in the mail :( You sure are a cute ballerina though!

Telling dolly something very important

and cuddles for dolly

They thought you looked ABSOLUTELY gorgeous at daycare on Halloween! :)

Modeling your cute summer sandals!

Fun with the washing machine

another video of the FUN SQUEAKY SHOES!

Mama's helper :)


  1. Ballerina Genna

    Dance for me and tell stories
    Of words you are learning
    and steps you are taking
    at home and the daycare.

    Dance for me and weave tales of dolls
    that are tiny fairies or lambs
    that ride in silverware baskets of gold...
    a moment of your imagination.

    Dance for me and mirror adventures
    of savoring special shoes that chatter
    and magic machines that circle with water
    In a world of exploration and learning.

    Dance for me and make me smile.
    Your steps are increasing in speed
    like your expressions and understandings
    Performing the dance of childhood.

    Happy Halloween tiny, pink Ballerina!

    Love you...Grandma

  2. What kind of person would steal a little girl's Halloween costume? That's horrible! But she looks absolutely darling as a ballerina.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SUNDAYS!!! New Genna videos!! The squeaky shoes one is hysterical! For some reason when she walks into the kitchen and pushes the white thing I am reminded of Charlie Chaplin!! And she is talking so much!! Thank you, thank you for always sharing her with all of us! I must have watched the "buh bye" video a million times!
    Great Aunt Jani

  4. Watched all the videos a jillion times too! They are priceless! Thank you! And look how long her hair is getting!!!!
    Greater Aunt Joni ;oD