Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy Lady

It's been a busy week - thus why this blog is SO late!
Doing Dada's homework :)

And your official daycare photos! Bummer they didn't take you hat off, but you still look cute :)

Cheeky Monkey!

Back Row: Sarah, Leanne, Mel
On laps: Arthur, Ivy, Isla
Front Row: Max, Elena, Darcy, Taylor, Genevieve

I ordered another photo where you are sitting on Becky's lap and not sucking your thumb, it should arrive in a few weeks :) Leeann is your FAVORITE - you really like her - she is SO nice!

And this week you showed me how you figured out how to move your little bike using your feet!!


  1. I love the homework pic! And she holds the pen so perfectly!! Unfortunately we can't pull up the video.....:( Thanks again and hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will be thinking of you!!
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. YAY!! Never mind! Got the video to work! Motorcycle Mama!!

  3. La-La-La- Lovely Genna

    I'm writing a letter today
    And this is what I want to say,
    It's la-la-la lovely playing outside,
    I like to see the ocean's ebb and tide.

    When Mom and Dad go to work,
    I arrive at Daycare and go berserk.
    There is a sand box and a castle,too.
    Never a loss for something fun to do.

    There are so many children playing toys,
    Max kisses me; he is one of the boys.
    Not all days are always good you know,
    One day a kid bit me; that mean little crow.

    Yet, when I get home all is good in life,
    I ride my own bike without any strife.
    And I sing life is "la-la-la" lovely today
    For the world is my place to play!