Saturday, November 12, 2011

16 Months

16 Months!! Wow how the time flies

Check out my PRETTY dress :)

Last weekend we went down to Granddad & Nanna's house for a visit!

They got you your own little chair - you were thrilled!

Big chairs are fun though too

Hmmmmm what's out there???

You with your Baba. This week you started calling your bunny baba. I thought it was a good idea for her to have a name, so I started calling her that too. Now when I ask you 'Where's your baba?' you yell BAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAA because you know what I'm talking about!

Your favorite things - a little blanky and baba

We had a nice picnic down at the beach one day

and a nice play in the sand after lunch

of course you wanted to twinkle your toes too!


And you took a walk with Granddad

and a fun ride on the swing

back at the house you played piano for the first time - super fun

But after all the beach time play you were so exhausted you took a short nap in your cot and then continued your nap on Dada

tired lady!

all sprawled out

lovely lashes

Ahhhh gotta love chubby wrists

Dada & baby

Cuddles with Nanna

You loved having Granddad read you your bedtime books

And watering the plants with Nanna

Fun with sun glasses!

You hair is really starting to get long!

Back in Manly we celebrated Nanna's birthday weekend with her - you two had a lovely stroll down the corso

Also your friend Chloe came to play one day. She has the same bunny as you - so it was a bit confusing for you both. I had to make sure you both just had one each to carry around.

The first hour she was here, you just followed her around our flat. Everything she picked up, you ripped out of her hands, like - HEY that's MINE!!!

But eventually you guys started playing together well. Here you are both having a blast with a little bottle of baby lotion. You were each putting little drops on your hands and rubbing it in - it's the simple things!

Chloe saying 'Hi' and you saying 'Hello' - so cute how you both LOVE the same things!!

Chloe wanted to sit on my lap for a snack.
You were fine about that as long as YOU were with your Mama too :)

Playing peek a boo

Here I am !!

You are getting SO good at putting your own shoes on

and it's FUN!

You also love 'round and round the garden' with Nanna

New words this week - sand, butterfly, car, Nanna. You are getting SO good at copying us!


  1. Okay....the photo walking away with Granddad is simply precious, but the video with Grandma is priceless!!!
    Miss you!
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. Grandma & Grandpa are in Minnesota :) The pictures are of Granddad & Nanna - but thank you - yes I think they are lovely too!

  3. Our Granddaughter Genna

    She's the cutest girl ever,
    So talented and clever.
    Her actions are the best,
    Oh, such a welcomed guest.

    We shamelessly brag about her feats,
    Can't be stopped from buying her treats.
    It's our pleasure to spoil her with love,
    She's a gift from heaven above.

    Granddad and Nanna,
    Grandmpa and Grandma...
    United in our admiration for our Genevieve,
    There's no greater gift we could receive.

    We all love you!

  4. Needless to say, Great Grandma Sally is thrilled with the piano playing photo!!