Monday, March 25, 2013

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

Last Monday, Murray and I attended our citizenship ceremony

It was a nice ceremony, they had a student who sand 'I still call Australia home' and the National Anthem

We even got a picture with the mayor :)

Back at home, Helen had some gorgeous Aussie treats waiting for us - along with a big fancy Aussie flag!

Lamington - yummmm

Now Murray's a dual citizen, and I'm a tri citizen!! Exciting :)

The caramel slice was my favourite - OMG so good!!!

The next day Genna enjoyed some of the lamington too (ironically in her American t-shirt)

Happy Aussie / American :) I'm glad all 3 of us can now call ourselves Aussie!!


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Mayor of Frumptytown!

  2. I thought your husband was Australian? Confused about him getting citizenship as well :)

  3. He grew up here, but was born in South Africa and had a British passport.

    I thought the mayor looked cute! Could've just used some better shoes:)

  4. She reminds me of one Little Miss Princess:

  5. I am also a tri-citizen! Also nicknamed Jason Bourne by my husband and several friends :) Congratulations!! You're lucky you got to do yours in warm weather - I ended up with a North American winter ceremony! And have to agree on the shoes :)