Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grandma & Grandpa's Visit - Post 1

Grandma, Genna &  Mama went out for a baby chino on their first full day in town - yummmm

Then it was time for SHOES!

She kept saying 'I LOVE THEM!' They light up when she walks - she was in heaven :)

Trying out a chair at the shops

Finally we made it to Manly

Fish & Chips by the beach!

Pick me up !!

Happy Lady :)

Grandma & Genna building a sandcastle with the Manly ferry in the background
After lunch we made our way to the Manly aquarium

Grandpa's birthday surprise was a shark dive (he was shocked!)

While he was getting ready for the dive, we toured the aquarium

A rock fish

Genevieve loved the touch pool

Happy !

We also had a peek into the depths of the tank - very cool view of penguins diving!

Genna was happy to get a picture with 'Ariel' (the little mermaid)

Down in the walk through tunnels - we saw the sharks!!

He's a biggie

There's Grandpa

HI Grandpa!!!! (she was very excited :)

2 big sharks swimming by

HUGE sharks!!!

Huge turtles too

Murray photo bombing :)
Not only was it a gift for him, but so cool for us to watch him dive !!

He had a good time though too :)

touch pool again (that swirly thing is a pork jackson shark egg! empty of course)
Feels cool!

Us :)

Genna & Dada having a look
And a sneak peek of the next blog....... :)


  1. Wow, those are monsters. I thought he was talking about nurse sharks or some little tigers. Not great whites. How much does that cost? I want to punch one of those buggers in the nose.

  2. Woah! Seeing those sharks swimming with Grandpa makes my heart skip a beat even watching it on the video. He may not have been shook;however, I was concerned. I was only quiet because I did not want to alarm Genna. She was so darling that entire day and happy to meet and greet each and every new sea creature...even the sharks.
    Love, Grandma

  3. The sharks are local to Australia, Grey Nurse Sharks. The big one was about 12' long and over 600 lbs. He took one look at me and swam away in fear :-)