Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Catch Up !

Ohhhh look my Galahs!

Such gorgeous birds

The little tiny baby orange that Genevieve found on our tree

It was small and perfectly formed and SO tasty!
Last weekend we went for a quick trip down to see Nanna & GrandDad - and went to a fun park near their house!


Flying the kite with Nanna & Dadda

Piano time!
Out to brunch

Chatting with Nanna. It was a fun visit!

Dancing at brunch

Just this past weekend we went to a park near our house and Genna helped Dadda take some pictures
Ohhh I see it!

We also fit in some soccer

Run and kick with Helen!

She had SUCH a great time and gosh was it a gorgeous end of winter day -  warm and sunny!
Here Helen I'll help you with your lunch!

But now it's time for ICE CREAM!


You can taste it too!

That night our neighbour stopped by with some cupcakes for Genna - so sweet!

Random singing video because I thought it was hilarious!  


  1. The emotions while she's singing are worthy of an Oscar! Bravo!!
    29 more hours....cannot wait!
    Love you,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Quite a mix of memorable photos. I always love when Genna is at the piano with Nanna; very sweet how she is mentoring her in music. Helen, as usual is playing with and focusing on Genna and giving her lots of attention. Then Dada patiently teaching her photography. The entire time Mom is documenting her dancing, singing, playing and interacting with others. Bravo. Precious memories.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa