Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back from Holidays !

I decided not to blog on this holiday to the USA. I just wanted to relax, chat with my family and friends, and not worry about organising photos. So - now it's time for a big catch up :) I haven't yet had time (i.e. haven't been awake enought from jetlag) to start sorting through all the photos from the trip (over 2000!) so here are the few I had on my phone for now. I hope to get up a post from our first few days in Minnesota by this weekend :)

August 28th - Genna EXCITED to be in the shuttle bus going to the airport.

Waiting at Sydney airport with her new neck pillow

A few weeks later - on the shuttle bus from San Diego airport to our rental car - 'Now Dada - this it the way we will drive to Charlie's house!'

Ahhhh SHARK! At the aquarium in San Diego.

Watch me Charlie - I know how to do it!


  1. You captured nicely the excitement of Genevieve's leaving for the first big trip to America that she comprehends and will remember. The first two years were more of memory for us than they were for her. Miss you!
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa