Sunday, September 29, 2013

USA - Post 1

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After 2 VERY long flights, we were very happy to arrive in Minnesota - and Genna was excited to open her new Rapunzel doll!

After a good sleep we both felt better!

Car ride with Norman & Gigi Sis

I see you!

Playing with Joni

A few days later, we made our way to the Minnesota State Fair! Genevieve was thrilled to pet a lamb

And a calf. This area was called the 'birthing barn', all the animals were newborns.

Checking out piglets with Grandma

Ohhhh soft!
Next we had to try the 'Australian' potatoes (and yes the lady running the stall had an Aussie accent!)


They actually were NOT very good... too deep fried & greasy

We liked the cutouts though :)

G'Day mate!

Off to get some $1 chocolate milk

Me, Sis, Kevin, Norman, Genna & Grandma

But the thing Genna loved the MOST was the music. She kept grabbing Grandma and saying we HAVE to dance!

She also wanted a 'pig crown' though, so we picked those up too
Mariah & Sis in their pig crowns

I LOVE to dance!

As we were making our way to another live music area, we found the mist sprinklers - fun!

Quick stop at the horse sheds!
They had lots of cool displays to look at

Puzzles too

Serious face checking out the big gorgeous horses

Then we found Jani! tickles!

And I found one of the highlights of the fair - the giant pickle! They call this the 'naked' pickle because it's just a plain giant dill pickle, no deep frying or batter.
Me & cousin Jolie

I had to take a photo of this for Murray - $25 for two squirrels in a canoe - I KNEW he'd be disappointed I didn't buy it for him :) Too funny

And who wouldn't want a $110 'jacket for your butt' lol

Very cute & creative! Eggplant penguin

Frozen chocolate dipped banana on a stick - yumm!

Genna asked for some ice cream - I asked for a SMALL cone - this is what we got - OMG
Just try a little bit

I ended up just scooping half of the ice cream into the bin because there was WAY too much for a little person!

Dora balloon! Fun!

Checking out her new accordion from Grandma - fun!

It works!

It was a nice break to sit for a bit and listen to the live music (and Genna's accordion playing :)

The acapella singing group we watched were fab
The group, with Joni too :)

Oh Jani, you're hilarious

But I tell you what, that was a fun day!

Grandma stayed behind to meet up with Marcus & Grandpa's group for more live music - Genna had to have a big 'see you later' cuddle

Cool cow on the way out

Then we ran into everyone else arriving as we were walking to the car! Grandpa, Amy, Kyle & Johnny!

Quick target stop on the way home - these seats are fun!
It was a GREAT first few days in Minnesota. We were SO thrilled to see everyone AND to have been able to attend the Minnesota State Fair - Fun!


  1. Fantastic photos!! LOVE the cutouts! And dancing with Gramma is precious!! Thanks for the memories!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. ...and let's not forget that Genna was laughing extra hard (photo with Jani squatting down with water bottle) because Jani had just taken a swig of water and spit it at the picture taker - ME!!! Those were great times! Wonderful memories!
    Love and miss you so,
    G.A. Joni

  3. Oh that's RIGHT Joni ha ha ha - I forgot about that :) Miss u too

  4. This shows you MUST COME TO MINNESOTA TO THE STATE FAIR. Genna said she would go again. Love Gigi

  5. Just sat down to finally look at the blog again and comment, as it was hard to look at when you first left. Tears kept sneaking up on me and I had the blues. Seeing you leave and knowing we may not see you again for another year is always hard. Loved,love,loved each and every moment. Thanks for all the help you gave me with Marcus and Amy's Fiesta Party; couldn't have done it without you. Genna was a joy; go on vacation again and leave her with us; she was a little angel. Love, Grandma and Grandpa