Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weekly Pics - 3,5,6

Week 3
I guess I forgot to take a pic in Week 4 - opps! Too busy having fun with Gigi and Grandma :)

Week 5

Week 6


  1. Can't get enough of the Vikings outfit!!!
    And then there's the incredible Big-Sis-Smile!!!
    Thanks for making my day!
    G.A. Joni

  2. Babies truly are miracles! Hard to believe how fast he is growing and developing. Can't wait to see a HUGE SMILE on one of your photos. We saw the start of one of those sweet little grins when we were there. I was just watching the video I took of Genna singing to Max and him calming down instantly. I could watch it over and over and over again! Love and kisses across the miles. Love, Grandma and Grandpa