Friday, August 29, 2014

Grandparents visit continued....

baby cuddles :)

gift from my work - clothes rolled as flowers - lovely

feeding on the sofa as usual :)

Meeting Grandpa!

He LOVES napping on Grandma !

So alert!

HAPPY! ha ha

silly Grandpa :)

Celebrating Genna's 4th birthday again, with Grandma & Grandpa

Opening presents :)

Max watching with Gigi
Ballerina Genevieve (with a lovely new outfit from Denise:)

Do you think he's loved? Lots of hands to keep him safe :)

Out to lunch for gourmet pizza! They gave Genna a ball of dough to play with....

She made it into this smiley face which they put in the oven for her!

bath time

Playing outside with Grandma at the RSL (returned and services league - for those who have served in the military. We are members for gymnastics and also they have a great play area and yummy restaurants!)

Maxwell cuddles with Grandma :)

One day we went to the aquarium at Darling Harbour - the displays were the PERFECT height for Genna

Loving it!

Photo on our way in
they look pretty realistic!

Out to lunch in Darling Harbour after the aquarium

Beautiful day, beautiful view

We all had fun :)

Back at home with the happy man

Oh hello Gigi!

Next day we went to Taronga Zoo!


Styling lady in her cool coat & boots

She was thrilled to have 2 rides on the cable car - one with Gigi & Mama and one with Grandpa & Grandma!

Such a stunning view - you can see the harbour bridge in the background! We had SUCH a fun day at the zoo!!
At the park with Grandma, while Mama naps

She made a 'bon fire' lol, by piling up sticks

My new suit :)

Out to dinner - we're Emu's !

She was SO well behaved, we were very proud.

Swimming! Talking to Poppy between practice

Back float


CUTE girls!!! :)

Having a hot chocolate after lessons :)

Hello Aunty Helen!

Getting long!

Quick trip to Costco - I bought 600 nappies!! (diapers) They are the only brand that fit his big belly!

The Grandmas looking lovely

Back at the RSL for lunch again - such a good place for a rainy day!

Craft time !

My VERY cool suit!
Gigi cuddles
Ahhhhhh sweet sleep face
Dadda, Genna & Gigi watching a movie
Meeting GrandDad
And Nanna :)
I have babies in my carrier too!
Cool boots!!!!!!!
Making cupcakes
The proud Grandpas

a few of these pics at the end are out of sequence, but so be it - blog done! Now, some videos! Most are courtesy of my Mom :)


  1. Awesome blog! So wonderful to see the grandparents' trip photos! Smiles everywhere!!!
    G.A. Joni

  2. Love you Maxwell and Genna!