Monday, September 8, 2014

Final Catchup and Week 7/ 8

a final few catchup pics from my phone
An old pic - off to the park!

Genetics!! Check out that thumb - both Genna and I do that too

Entertaining 'Maxy' as she likes to say

Waiting in line at the aquarium

the displays were really the PERFECT height for her

She LOVED this big window too - amazing display

He looks like he's plotting something ha ha

Fancy lady at the zoo

The giraffe is peeking at us!

dude, sometimes I like to ride

Dressed up - for Easter apparently!

Fancy in my suit

Play dough letters with Grandma

Out to dinner! SUCH a fun night :)

First sleep in his big cot (crib)

First smile I managed to catch on camera!

Dance poses :)

I love that I can see his face on this monitor! Nice to know all is well without running up and down stairs! 

First bottle - with big sister's help!

Fancy stamp lady

He's getting big!

First passport picture!

Roller stamps - SO fun!

Happy boy :)
Happily sleeping in the carrier on Mama :)

And happily sleeping in the stroller out at the mall

Princess puzzle!!

I'm starting to grip things now!

I found my hand!


At the beach with Dadda, so Mama can nap at home with Max

Ready for a walk to the park!

7 Weeks!

Happy :)

Week 8

He has started really responding and starting to talk this week! Occasionally we get a little sound in return and he watches my mouth intently as I speak. We have even had a few little laughs - so sweet!

I don't know if it's being a second baby or that we're more relaxed about things, but wow he's a good baby.

SO happy :)

Loves kicking on his mat!


  1. Genna is such a fantastic big sister!! And I think the 'first smile' photo looks like his Grampa John and his 'first passport' photo looks like his Dada! And that passport photo is so PERFECT! He looks like a regular GQ model! So darling! And Genna's pink fringe boots are absolutely fabulous! You all look so happy! It makes me happy!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. Fun! Fun! Fun! I agree with Jani - you all being so happy makes me happy!! Thanks for all the great pics and stories!
    G.A. Joni

  3. Your Harbor Aquarium was amazing! I could have sat next to that glass watching sting rays all day with Genna. It was even more fun than the tunnels with assortments of sharks and large fish! Great to see the photos of the children. Thanks for the updates!
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa
    p.s. Cannot wait to play with Genna and hold Max and see him smile!