Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 11

This week we went to the American consulate to get Max's birth certificate of a citizen born abroad and his passport. They gave him his first American flag too!

Big sister got a treat afterwards for being so good and patient

More plaits for school!

Loving playing on his mat
Face painting at the RSL for school holidays

They had a magic show too - a fun morning out!
HAPPY baby! He has started doing a 6 hour sleep from 7ish pm, then 3-4 hour blocks from then til morning. He seems SO happy when he wakes up - we all are happier with this great sleep!

Cool dude

What's she doing in my picture? ha ha

Fast asleep :)

Super Max to the rescue!
And some videos - trying to capture his laughing/talking :)


  1. The photos of Genna are darling. Yet, I am mesmerized by the videos of happy little Maxwell cooing back to you. I love how you are talking to him and he is smiling and working so hard to send a sound back to you! That's love. Counting down the days...
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. LOVE watching his discovery videos: learning "goo", finding his hands, batting the toy around, watching big sis, etc. etc.
    Genna with the butterfly face is SO fantastic!
    Can't get enough - and can hardly wait - only 51 days to go!!
    Love you all,