Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 12

12 Weeks !

chilly enough for a hat by the beach :)

The box she decorated herself with glitter glue - fun!
watching Mama hang laundry outside to dry, loving this hot sunny weather!
Ahhhh lots of love there
Baby cuddle selfie
Curlers! (thanks Grandma :)
SO SO excited about the curls!!!

Getting her fringe (bangs) cut :)
Happy boy!

Sister & brother cuddles

Us talking to each other through a tube :)
ahhhhhh tired man

At the playschool show

Genna and her friend James (and Helen) got to meet the stars of the show - they were thrilled!
Someone LOVES Frozen :)
and laughing at funny Dadda :)


  1. You have such adorable children, Monique & Murray! I love hearing Genna sing Frozen in her Australian accent, too! Every little girl in this country is singing right along with her. I am quite sure there will be many Elsa/Anna/Olaf costumes this Halloween. The curls on Genna are so pretty~I have to find the rubber rollers used on my hair as a child, then on Krista! We always called them "worms". Thanks for the great blog, it is always such a treat!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful smiles, singing and laughter elicited from good times and loving family! Enjoyed each and every photo and video. Counting down the days until your return home. Love and Hugs