Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 14

Cute:) Your new thing this week is spitting ha ha. You have figured it out and think it's hilarious. I call you my little camel :) It's like a fine mist spray - and you do it all the time!

Genna said 'can I be in the picture too?'

Cute shirt but Soooooo not true! He is the drooliest baby ever this week - I can't leave him more than a few minutes without a bib or we need an outfit change!
The hair bow combination Genna picked out for gymnastics

I LOVE it!! (and I got comments from a few people how they were impressed that Max slept through the whole thing in his carseat - attached to the stroller!)

Waiting for our turn at the dentist - I thought they just looked sweet:)

Still a great sleeper in his carseat :)

Before bath I always hold him up to the mirror and he LOVES looking at himself and bouncing up and down! Hard to catch a smile in a picture (as he stares at the camera!) but he LOVES it!

Frozen girl checking out the frozen display at the shops :)

Fun carousel ride

Chubby cheek baby chewing on his fist :)

Spider web girl at the park with Dadda :)
I said to Genna the other evening 'I'm glad you had fun with Dadda today' She replied 'I really did!'
I said 'He loves you very much' and she replied 'He really does' :)


  1. I have to print that "Too Cool to drool" picture of Maxwell! His smile is endearing and his eyes are huge! So,so cute! Love the photo of Genna at the Frozen display at the department store. Her Auntie Mariah sure knew the right gift to send as she is wearing that Frozen dress in a lot of the photos! CANNOT WAIT for your visit. Love you tons and tons.
    Grandpa and Grandma
    (from the land of Frozen Minnesota)

  2. Gigi Sis and I went through the blog this morning and giggled with delight at each and every photo!! Absolutely made our day...and week...and month!!! 31 days till we get to love up all of you!!
    G.A. Joni