Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 16

OOPS got my foot in the pic, LOVE this smile though :)

Super cute thigh rolls :)

still LOVING spitting this week - I swear he does it just for fun! He does it so much little droplets go all over his face and clothes - lovely!
tummy time with big sister
Getting stronger at it every day!
Horsey ride time!
Blurry - but shows how good he's getting at grasping his toys
before bedtime cuddles :)
Group shot before books
Our first selfie of the 3 of us
Hmmmm what do I do with this Sophie?
Ahhhhh I see
A little hand too - num num num
This is what happens when we don't put on a bib!!!

Helping Dadda in the garage - her first cut!
Ohhh which one to touch first?

I was thinking I don't have many pics of us - so a selfie! :)
We had my mothers group over this week
Genna having a cookie she made and decorated with Charlotte

And her sister Madeline chatting to Max - he was fascinated with her!!
I just love that little fuzzy head - SO blonde!

YAY tummy time flowers!!

He's really starting to get interested in looking at different patterns and shapes ;)

Getting ready for Halloween !!
We put these in the mailboxes of everyone on our street (40 houses) - I hope at least a few participate !!!

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  1. Okay...each and every photo/video is awesome! Cannot WAIT to see those thigh rolls in person!
    But, the Halloween balloons on the mailboxes is absolutely brilliant!! What a great idea!! Can't wait to hear how well it works!
    20 more days!!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni