Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 15

Getting bigger every day!
We have done a LOT of tummy time this week, as I noticed you weren't using your arms much at all to support your body. As the week has progressed you have started to spend more time on your tummy and I can see your strength increasing! You love having new things to look at too - so we put all sorts of toys in front of you to focus on.

BEST time of Max's day - bath time with his favourite girl :) He just smiles the whole time

A picture I took of my view down when he's sleeping in the carrier. Little fuzzy head :)
Last week and this week you have been VERY interested in grasping things. Rather than just batting at toys, you now open your hands and gently grab onto things with your fingers.
Last night while we were reading book (and Genna lovingly lent you scratchy baba), you got a hold of our dummy (pacifier) and loved that you could control when it was in your mouth or not :)
Holding on tight!
This morning you were sucking on your fingers and put them in so far you gagged!
Reverse camera on my phone - pretty blurry:( But I was trying to capture how he likes to grasp this flower toy while sitting on my lap. So many colors and textures!!
Genna has not been interested at all in learning to write or read. I figured she'll grow interest in time. But yesterday I caught her in the right mood and we practiced writing each letter in her name, then putting it together. SOOOOOOO proud, she did this all by herself (my example is at the top)!!
She tried writing Genevieve too but wrote the letters so big she ran out of room a the V :)
She tells me now 'he's heavy Mama'
This morning Genna said 'Mama, it would be nice to be married. When I'm 15 I'm going to marry Dadda!' cute :)

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  1. Loved all of the developmental changes and growth shown in Maxwell! My favorite photo is Maxwell staring at Genevieve while he is relaxing in the bathtub. Such a sweet photo that tugs at my heart. Great that Genna is starting to show interest in writing her name. Make sure you find out what the style of printing is at her gradeschool and that you teach her the same lines and strokes for her letters, uppercase and lowercase. I had to reteach spelling your name in Kindergarten and you were dang MAD about it and told me that your teacher did not know how to write your name. : ) Ahhhh the sweet memories of parenting. Have a great week! Thanks again for the lovely birthday gift! Made my day very calming and relaxing. Cannot wait until November.
    Love, Grandma