Friday, November 7, 2014

Week 17

His new thing - hand holding
So very very happy :)
Starting to enjoy this sitting up thing!

But his favourite thing to do definitely is standing up!!

Genna helping Dadda in the garage

She really is a good little helper :)
At my Mothers group this week Max got down to tummy time with the ladies
Max, Maybelle and Sophia

Asleep in the carrier - with 3 fingers in his mouth - soooooo cute
AND this is why I need to get strap covers for my carrier - someone loves sucking on them!
He really got into the jumper this week
Once I put a blanket under him it was the perfect height for him to bounce!!
Fingers again!
Big sister cuddles

I just got this bar to attach to his bouncy seat and he LOVES it - so many bright things to look at and touch!

Trying on the Elsa hair again!
Genna wrote Dadda, Mama, Genna and Poppy on Poppy's birthday card. I was VERY proud :) (I wrote them on a piece of paper and she looked at it and wrote it on the card)
She drew this Tinkerbell for Poppy because that's her favourite fairy!
random selfie
random cute bath video :)
SO we started solids this week!! This is Max's first time in the bumbo seat

A little bit of avocado + expressed milk in

and a little out

AND a bit more out - lol

I totally enjoyed the experience more than him - his faces made me laugh and laugh

He wasn't thrilled about sitting up straight in that seat though and ended up in my lap. He did LOVE eating though - was opening his mouth and leaning in for more!!

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  1. Your Dad and I must admit that when you Skyped as you were feeding Maxwell his first bits of avocado, you were giggling away and he was not sure what to think of the new flavors. It was as much fun watching you, as it was watching Max. Loved how he was smiling when you picked him up. If Murray is taking the photo, lean in and give us a photo of you with him in his "I love Mommy" bib. Mariah can be your portrait artist in the next few weeks. Maybe she can catch him smiling when you are holding him. Genna is growing up so fast. So great that her small motor skills are so good that she can hold a pencil and write/draw like she does. Pretty smart little cookie. Looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with you! Love, Grandma and Grandpa