Wednesday, November 19, 2014

4 Months / Week 18 / Mariah's visit


tried again with another outfit - still no smile - just a cute 'I'm holding my hands together' face :)


puzzles with Mariah

A day in the city

and a ferry to Manly

We had a GREAT shopping day in Manly (Max slept the whole time!). Lovely lunch at the wharf bar, then headed back to our car to go pick up Genna from school!

What Max did for most of the day :)
Fun at home in front of our new pool fence

Beach day! chubby guys and clothes don't go together!

Spot Mariah & Murray in the water!

Sleepy boy

dinner time!
Park time with Mariah

She LOVED her head towel!
There seems to be a theme here - he's a good napper :)


He's loving learning how to eat :)
He got upset on our way home from a beach day, Mariah gave him her finger and he immediately calmed down and fell back asleep - ahhhhhh


and gorgeous!
SUCH a happy man

asleep while we ate lunch

cuddles with Steph by the beach
hand painting at the Manly Aquarium


This little penguin really liked her - stayed nearby

Genna & Steph's little boy Charlie

SUCH a happy guy!

Train time

Funny Dadda - I liked how Max was clutching his sleeve

Koala petting at Featherdale

pretending to be a kangaroo - she loved the baby!

Genna loved these 'snake bones'

and spent the WHOLE visit saying 'where are the Dingos????'

Hair time with hairdresser Genevieve

posing with her creation on aunty Helen

And Rapunzel Genna

Outfit from Nanna & GrandDad from their holiday

Happy Birthday Nanna!

Jumping time!

Christmas windows at David Jones (department store in the city)

Treat time before the show
And face painting!

David Jones Christmas Pantomime show - first up was Ben and Holly (a tv show she loves)

then Peppa!!

And finally Santa - she was SOOOOOO thrilled

Max slept through the whole thing :)
The frozen section

And fun fake snow!! Closest you'll get to the real thing in Sydney!

Day at Taronga Zoo

the baby monkey was playing on the fence - soooo cute!

Petting a guinea pig

and bunnies
Seal Show

Posing where the bird show is

Max was introduced to his own Baba - nice to cuddle

I love those double chins :) (on him!)
And last day at gymnastics - she went with Mariah - but this is the teacher helping her on the balance beam :)
Such a WONDERFUL visit with Mariah. Very busy but gosh we had a lot of fun :)


  1. Only a matter of hours till we can snuggle up to those double chins and chubby legs!!
    And I'm looking forward to Genna working on my needs loads of decorating!!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Few days and Genna will be in real snow! Looks like Mariah had a great time in Australia; thanks for your hospitality! Cannot wait to see that talking, smiling little man in person. Happy Birthday to Lyn. Great photo of the celebration, See you soon! YEAH!!!
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma