Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Minnesota so far

The journey was pretty good! Max slept a lot, Genna was very well behaved and Mariah was a lot of help to me. A few funny stories: 5 minutes after we left Sydney airport, Genna looked out the window and said OH LOOK - I can see America!!
 lol yea no, not yet - only 14 hours to go!!

 When we landed in Minneapolis she told she saw Grandpa outside the plane - yea no - but she was VERY excited :)

I remembered not long into the flight that Genna's leappad has a camera on it. She was VERY excited and started taking pictures of everything she could see - out the window, her Babas, us. Then I looked over and saw her facing the computer away from her and lining up her finger - she took her first selfie!! And figured it out completely on her own, we were very impressed. It's not easy to do as the leappad is 3 times the size of a camera.
Cuddles from Joni on our arrival to MN
and Gigi Sis
serious dude
A lovely gift from Gigi Sally
Grandma & both the Gigis

4 Generations!

Saying hello to Kyle

Genna decorated her face with sticker jewels then took these selfies on Joni's phone

saying hello to Marcus

decoratin cupcakes with Joni for Thanksgiving

and oreo turkeys - SO cute!

one eye left - so it's cyclops turkey

sausage making night at Joni & Kevin's - saying hello to Mandie

Sisters & kids

+ Marcus (and his friends's little boy)

first wash the casings

Max had a ncie last nap of the day with me while I had appetizers

then peel and grind the potatoes

then mix the seasoning into the meat, then mix in the potatos too

Kevin frying some up to taste

meat hands!

Dad making some meat patties for another time

Genna helping fill the casings with the yummy potoato sausage mix!

Alex helped too

Genna LOVED the sausage meat - ate a ton of it!

Thanksgiving - Johnny made sushi - it was sooooooo nice!!

All setup and ready at my parent's house

Julie saying hello

Genna's snowman beginning to melt a bit

saying hi to Jani and Gigi Sally

Genna had SO much fun playing Frozen with my aunties!

The spread

and desserts!

Jani & Trevor

2 different kinds of sweet potato bake - yummmm

Cuddles with Al

Gigi Sally playing Christmas songs while Genna was on the bells

Alex helped too

family pic

Caleb presented a music video for a song he wrote with Trevor - it was really good!

Genna LOVES her new Elsa doll!

A fun day had by all!! GREAT food, fab to see so much family, just a fantastic day!

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