Friday, December 5, 2014

Minnesota pics from my phone

Waiting for our first flight from Sydney Airport

How Max spent most of the flight - sleeping in my arms (he also had a great couple hour sleep with Mariah in the carrier!)

He definitely slept the best of all of us! Whenever he got tired we just zipped him up in his sleep sack and he would settle right down  - perfect!

Arrival in Minnesota - burrrrrr cold!! Luckily I thought ahead and had their hats packed in the front of the suitcase for easy access!

Jet lag is tough! But they both did amazingly well with it!
First day up and about - Genna's ready to get out and experience snow!!

First time in snow pants and winter boots - exciting!

Building a snowman with Mariah & Grandpa

putting the carrot nose on him

Fabulous! Notice the hat too.....

Brock wanted to be in a pic too!
First snow ball fight - with the dogs! She has pretty good aim!
Ginger bread house making with Grandma

Genna spent a good hour decorating the roof very carefully - it really looked beautiful!

Meeting Gigi Sally

Music with Great Grandma Sally

We tried naps without sleeves, but it only lasted for a few days before he got SO tired and was a mess. He's just not ready yet. We'll try again around 6 months

Cuddles with Uncle Marky

cuddles with Gigi Sis

Marky & Genna putting the angel on the top of the tree

Genna and cousin Alex

Cuddles with Aunty Megan

Playing with my friend Beth

Genna sitting with the Gigis

dancing with their great aunties to Gigi Sally's piano playing

Cuddles with my cousin Jenny

Max liked Grandpa's mustache!

We had a fabulous dinner at Gigi Sis's house - Genna and Gigi got down to some craft before dinner!

Max bundled up to walk over to see Joni, Kevin & Gigi Sis

and a long nap in my arms later on - so sweet
I tried to capture on video how ticklish he is now - in his armpits, thighs and neck - sooooo cute


  1. Love! Love!! Love!!! Want more! More!! More!!!
    Love you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. Look's like you have really enjoyed a lot with your family and certainly might got a memorable experience for life..