Thursday, December 11, 2014

More MN Pics (from Grandma & Grandpa's phones)

loving her new Frozen pillow

giving Brock the toy bone she picked out for him

She loves her new spinning Olaf!

cuddles with Joni

happy boy :)

Cuddles for Uncle Marky

With his baba

he loves it :)

reindeer Genna

with cousin Alex

Christmas tree ladies

saying Hello to Amy before bed

ice cream treat with Grandma

Mike & I & Max 
with Gigi Sis

early Christmas :)

loving her read along stories!

lunch with my cousin Jenny

Science Museum day with Grandma

checking out fossils

Omni Theatre - seeing the butterfly show

posing with ladies dressed up for the culture festival

butterfly exhibit

the butterflies liked the smell of Genna - apple detangler in her hair!

standing on Australia!

reading with Grandpa

At the Children's Theatre to see the Grinch who stole Christmas

she loooooooved the show!! Grandma tried to get her to leave midway through as it was getting late, but she said No I want to see when the Grinch gives the presents back :)

dinner at Gigi Sis's house! Genna was excited about the ice cream turkey cake!

 a fun night - with crab legs for me yummmm!
Someone is ticklish all over now!

Grandpa took Genna and Alex to a play centre another day

They had a blast!

Gigi Sally came too

orange smile


  1. Love our babies. Have a safe journey home!

  2. Those butterfly photos with Genna make me miss her ever so much! That was an incredible day!
    Love, Grandma

  3. By the way, I love that picture of Genna and I at the Omni Theater. It was spectacular to sit next to her as we watched the journeys of the Monarch butterlies. She is such an engaged and interested learner. I love it! Have a Merry Christmas dearest Max and Genna!
    Love you, Grandma