Monday, January 12, 2015

26 Weeks / 6 Months

Where has 6 months gone?????

You are just the HAPPIEST guy!

This week you are loving when we pick you up and kiss you on your tummy, you laugh and laugh.

Fun girly pool time with Amelia & Clara

You LOVE spending time with your sister - your face lights up when you see her

That little hand around his waist makes me ahhhhhhhhh. So sweet - reading together

Now that his nap times have become quite regular we're getting out to the park again

It was fun! He enjoyed laying on a blanket looking at the trees and Genna enjoyed playing on the slides and swing
Enjoying his big boy high chair! He likes banging toys around while I feed him

Zoned out - tired kids!

What happens when Genna's at school....... (he has her baba)

You sit up well when wedged in the corner :)

Getting close to sitting on your own!
Dinner! You eat SO much it's crazy! Here's sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrot + rice cereal for dinner, followed by apple and blueberry for dessert :)

Doing her butterfly craft from *Santa* (thanks Nanna & GrandDad)

She found her koala purse (that Helen gave her) and said 'you need to text Helen and tell her I found it'
I told her she could take a selfie and we would send it to her
This is her first attempt

and second attempt - pretty cute :)


  1. Hard to believe that Max is a half a year old already; where has time gone? I can still picture the new born peeking over the edge of the receiving blanket as he is wrapped in my arms. Love how he can sit up next to the corner of the courch; he is such a good boy! Fun to see Genna all dressed up for the park and ready to go. Cute outfit and love the light pink sandals. Enjoyed the selfie story about the Koala. Very fun blog with lots of great photos of your summer. Thank you very much! Ending with the little jumping bean was delightful!
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma XXOO

  2. Digging in and looking for another blog! Miss our Genna and Max!! : ) Glad to hear everyone is feeling better and you are having fun in the pool. Looking forward to your visit in the future.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa