Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 27 & 28

I can't believe I forgot 2 important things!!!
1. You are cutting your first tooth this week!
2. You are balancing in a sitting position for a few seconds now. I wouldn't call it sitting yet, but you're getting close !!

Genna wanted to be in the photos too :)

Max really has SUCH a connection with Genna. When he sees her his face lights up. He loves being close to her.

We got out the mesh this week and I put a piece of chicken in it. He LOVED it!!

My little helper :) she was out putting a clip on every piece so that nothing would blow away with the wind :) We've been having SUCH hot weather we've been drying everything outside. She really is such a good little helper.
I LOVE BATH! No matter how tired he is, he gets VERY excited for bath time!

We have a good routine going now, and after milk he always looks forward to reading a book. This is his favourite book - simple and just a few pages of things 'baby' does. I spend a bit of time on the last page saying 'see baby is SLEEPING.' lol ;)
Yesterday we took the arms off your sleep sack and you officially are no longer swaddled :) It went much better than I expected. I think you were just ready. That you have started sleeping on your side in the past few weeks has made a big difference I think, because without your arms in you can move around happily now. And I find that now that you're on a good sleeping schedule and self settling for more than 1 sleep cycle (3 1/2-4 hours napping a day in 2 naps), you're going down well for sleeps and not just laying there constantly pulling your dummy (nuk) out! The first night you did scream out at one point though because you had flipped onto your tummy! You were NOT happy! But overall you slept well :)

SHOES! too too cute (Week 28)

A smirk because he spotted his Genna :)


  1. The photos of Genna with her arm around Max just makes me smile all day! So so so so precious!
    Thanks for sending the love!!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni
    PS- and his shoes are awesome!!! :oD

  2. Thanks for the updates on the photos of the kids. Those booties were the ones from Beth and Rich weren't they?
    Glad to hear that Max is out of the sleep sacks, napping well and even on the edge of sitting up. Also very fun to hear about Genna and I know she is progressing a great deal with swimming and looks forward to her private lessons with you. Counting down the days until you are home again. Thanks for taking the time to do the blog. Makes us feel like we are part of their lives, especially now that Genna does not like Skype anymore. Hugs and kisses,
    Grandma and Grandpa

  3. Max looks likes he is giving a thumbs up in one of the pictures. It's so cute. Also I love how they both are cuddling on the couch together. How adorable.
    Love Auntie Riah

  4. Sometimes I just revisit this page to see our babies again. Thank goodness for Skype and Blogs.
    I could not even imagine what it would have been like in the pioneer days when family's would seldom (due to snail mail) or never hear from their children again after immigrating to a new country. Love those grandchildren. XXOO Grandma