Wednesday, December 16, 2015

17 Months

17 Months already!!
Just for my own reference, I'm going to try and list the words he can say right now: (he has about 2-3 new words a week now) Mama, Dadda, Nana (Genna), Meh (milk), Bah (bus), cheese, krakah (cracker), shoes, Bee (beep), Baby (soooo cute how he says BAY BEE), Baba (his bunny), Choo choo (train), nah (no), poo poo, pee pee (although he doesn't know the difference, just grabs his diaper to tell me he just did something!). He is starting to copy words quite well too when you point to something and say what it is. And of course he knows a lot of animals sounds and understands a LOT of what we say he also knows a lot of body parts (fingers, nose etc). Getting to be our big boy :)
He's also starting to become a climber - scary! I was within arm's reach

I call daycare to check and see how Max is doing every day after nap time. I like hearing a little update of how he has been, how long he slept, what he ate for lunch. Puts my mind at ease and also I don't feel so rushed when I pick him up to get all the info on his day when I'm in a rush to get them home. Anyhow so I call today and they say he's been great! Slept, ate well, but at one point he spotted Genna outside through the window and started yelling 'NAH NAH' and crying. She saw he was upset so came in to play with him for 15 minutes or so, then she went back out with her group and he was fine. So sweet :) They say he's completely fine without her now though, it's only when he spots her that he remembers oh I miss her too!

Max's is our car spotter, he excitedly yells and points every time he spots a bus while we're driving (BAH!) and brings me his shoes and points outside when he wants to go out and play (ALL the time!) . And of course NAH (no) - he loves to say that while shaking his head No ha ha. He also pats his head when you say hat. He discovered his belly button this week which is cute - he pulls up his shirt and pokes it a lot! Genna says it's an outie again cause his tummy is so big - probably true!
His new thing this week has been to grab onto things (like the baby gate or the freezer door) and lean back as far as he can with his head/neck. SO scary!! Especially since he usually does this over tile floors! I always tell him No (sternly!) and he just smiles and does it again -sigh! We just have to keep a close eye on him!

He LOVES being outside more than anything. When it starts to get too hot and I make him come back inside he throws massive tantrums. He's spend 100% of his awake time outside if he could :)
blurry but cute - they both wanted to help me with unload the dishwasher

Max took the dishes out and handed them to Genna who then handed them to me :)

He's SO into books with flaps  - this is one of his favourites. All the things he loves - baby, dog & a beach ball

Genna playing hairdresser while I got dinner ready :) sweet
Last weekend daycare had a end of year party - they did hair spraying, facepaint, crafts and had a bbq. Genna and Max both loved this animal themed playdough table.

Max ran straight up to his favorite lady Qudsia and hopped on her lap

SO lovely to see how happy and settled he is there :)
The hairspray was a bit over the top (took SIX shampoos to get it out!!!) but Genna was thrilled so no big deal :)
When we got home Genna found something VERY special in our mailbox - a letter from Santa addressed to her!! Dadda read it out to her...

Helen came to spend the day with us on a VERY hot day so we decided to check out a new local waterpark. Unfortunately it was so bright I couldn't see what I was take a picture of and cut off her head sigh :(

It was SO shaded and the water was cool - PERFECT for a 100 degree day!

Max was SOOOOO thrilled

Earlier that day we got the Christmas tree up & decorated YAY!

Morning cuddles with Mama & Thomas the Train - he's SO cuddly - I love it :)
funny boy in Mama's glasses

I like that he gets up about an hour before Genna - gives us some nice alone time to cuddle :)

Happy guy in his high chair :)

And happy girl thrilled to have a day out with her Dadda

Back at home, she insists on having the Christmas candles lit for every meal


  1. One of my favorite things about ALL your blogs is the many, many smiles!!! Your family is so happy and it just lights me up!! From the dishwashers to the daycare party to the water park to the Santa letter to the morning cuddles to the Daddy date... each and every one is jam packed with happiness and totally makes my day!!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Ahhh thanks Joni:)
    How could i forget he can say Baba (his bunny) and choo choo for trains!!!

  3. I second what Joni said! But I'll admit, while I sit here on the porch at Key Largo, I have tears streaming down my cheeks reading your blog! Even tho you're far away, you keep us close with your wonderful posts! Happy tears, mind you! Please tell Helen I am jealous of her Auntie-ship, but SO THANKFUL that she is such an amazing one!! Merry Christmas to you all!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  4. Monique Dear--just scanned the pics you sent Jani of Genna's grad., big boy Max, proud Daddy and Mommy. Wotta treat! I am enjoying my Jani SO much and hate to think she leaves in 2 wks. I'll try to write a letter and put down more news. Today you become AUNTIE again! So anxious to get the good word. Weather is perfecg. We swim every day. Happy 2016!!! Lotsa luv--GiGi and Grma Sally