Saturday, January 9, 2016

Grandpa & Grandpa in Oz

I'm going to split this into 3 posts cause there are so many pictures
First, Grandma & Grandpa's visit pre Christmas :)
having a blast decorating her new jewellery box with Grandma

swimming lessons!

opening presents early - thanks Joni & Kevin!!

silly boy - loves rides in the toy car

We had a lovely day at Balmoral Beach

Grandma got in and helped Genna find lots of lovely shells!

having a snack with Grandpa

SUCH a great beach day :)

Lovely lunch with a view!

I love my Maxi cuddles :)

Genna feeding Grandpa

Genna happy with Grandma and a bucket of shells and a wrap of chips (fries) :)

rainy day at the library - Genna is pointing out of ornament she made with Grandma
fun with cushions!

I'm having trouble getting the photos loaded after here so I'm just going to stop for this post - another post coming soon :)

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  1. Love all these memories of special times we had with you in Australia. What a delightful and joyous visit. I wish I had taken photos of one of my favorite quiet times, the kids opening new books for every night we were visiting and then reading them every night. That time was dear to my heart. Grandpa and I enjoyed each minute from Bunnings visits to the world famous zoo;however, the best moments were cuddles at home with family. Lovely memories to treasure always.
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma