Monday, January 11, 2016

One last pre-Xmas post

Hmmm these are actually from mid-December, I just found them on my phone opps!
At the indoor play centre on a rainy day
He LOVES playing in the cubby houses
YAY Grandpa's here - we'll relax in sofas together :)
morning cuddles :)

At the mall Genna helped Grandma pick out some lovely flowers for me :)

Mr climber!

such a big bouquet we could barely see her in her carseat!
Ahhhh so cute with baba on his shoulder :)

BBQing :) loving this present from Marky & Amy

Yes please I'd love another bite Grandpa!
Girl's day out to the Opera House on Christmas Eve

Genna's first real ballet! It was a performance of Sleeping Beauty - set for 4-5 year olds. They had a narrator and made it only an hour long - perfect!!

thrilled to have both her Grandmas along :)

funny girl in the car park :)

Back at home Murray was busy preparing our Turkey Wellington for Christmas Day, along with his supervisors!

Park time!

and Cracker Time - his favorite !!

Help from Aunty Helen on the monnkey bars :)
Xmas post will be up tomorrow! I promise :) I need to get caught up!!

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  1. Genna was thrilled to choose the flowers for you and she has excellent taste! Max was loving the playgrounds and not the shopping so much. Great photos of the kids cuddles and rainy day fun!
    Love you, Grandpa and Grandma