Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas 2015

Ready for an Aussie Christmas!

Genevieve listening to GrandDad read her some of the stories from the very special book he wrote and illustrated for her & Max!! She loves it :)

Ready for Santa - this time we remembered a bowl of water for Rudolph too! Just before she went to sleep she said 'Dadda, make sure Grandpa doesn't eat the food I left for Santa and the reindeers' lol she knows him so well ha ha!

Christmas morning - patiently waiting for everyone to get up so she can open her stocking / presents from Santa!

Still in her pjs - excited to see the 'ho ho ho' presents from Santa!!

Stocking time for Max!
Her stocking is almost as big as her!

Lovely pic of GrandDad & Nanna :)

Max 'helping' Grandma with her gifts

Grandma by the tree :)

Lucky girl!

They look thrilled ha ha :) Grandpa got coal in his stocking I think!

Time for Santa pressies!


Max was loving his car ramp from Santa too :)

He  kept making this face when the cars went down - do you think he learnt that from Dadda? Ha ha

Reading with Grandpa

Happy with Grandpa &  Grandma

He LOVED his new toy dog :)

Genna liked her cat too - they are very soft! And can record and receive messages from Grandma & Grandpa via an app - very cool!

Like Father like Daughter ?

Frozen shoes for sports day (gym day) at school yay!

LOVING the Elsa gloves!

and shoes :)

Lovely ladies in the necklaces we got them - the designer made them almost exactly the same necklace - opps!!

funny faces from GrandDad

You want a snack Nanna?

The Christmas Cake theme this year :)

Not only was it lovely looking but it was also delicious!!!

Helen's lovely table decorations

The gingerbread house was SO soft and lovely tasting too!
Maxi photo bomb ha ha

Us by Murray's stunning looking (and tasting!!) turkey wellington's

A GREAT family day :) LOTS to celebrate with lovely food and great company!


  1. My favorite line of the blog was recalling Genna's concern for Grandpa not eating Santa and the Reindeer's goodies. What a fantastic Christmas you hosted and it was great to celebrate with you Aussie style.
    Love, Grandma

  2. Once again, we revisited each and every photo of our Christmas visit in Australia. What a lot of love and attention to detail was put into that holiday and extended visit. It warms our hearts on a below zero, incredibly cold day to think about those precious days. Also, thanks for all of the time and work it took you to prepare this Blog. Grandpa and I greatly appreciate the links to your lives and glimpse into the children's joys each and every day! Love you so much and once in eleven years of celebrating Christmas together is a tough morsel to swallow. Hoping to see you in Florida, Hawaii,a state that is warm and sunny, or home for Christmas in the near future. Love and hugs, Grandma and Grandpa