Thursday, February 18, 2016

19 Months & Genna and Dadda's Camping Trip

As soon as I got the camera ready you got your cheesy smile ready lol!!! Too cute
In the last week or so you have learnt 'owie' and point at where you have bumped yourself when you're upset, Quite helpful actually as usually a kiss from Mama on the owie fixes it :)
Other new words - wow so many. Raffe (for giraffe), and occasionally a please or thank you (we're working on that :),  you also think everything is the color yellow (we're starting to teach you colors). You also like to count 'one two'. And you LOVE books (as always). We have started reading more complex storybooks and you love to bop your head along to the nursery rhymes. Tonight Genna was exhausted from kindy and went to bed first. We cuddled in my bed and read books for a good half an hour and you were still asking for 'book!!' when I said no it's really time for bed now! Another new word for you is Didi (dummy/nuk). Whenever you get upset or tired you tell 'DIDI, BABA' - then we find your Baba (bunny) and your Didi and then you're happy :)
He LOVES his water table - good excuse to splash :)

SO happy to be reading bedtime books with Dadda

one of our local parks that we love

and i noticed the equipment was made in MN! wow!


He was VERY excited to spot this ride at the mall

Passed out cold when it was time to get up from his nap so we could go pick up Genna - so sweet :)
He thinks it's hilarious to put the Mr. Potato head glasses on himself :)

Max's favorite 'boat' to ride in. He sits in it and says 'Mama - Row Row!'

I'm playing with my bike!

Cheesy smile!

Genna has a 'journal' they bring home each night. They can write or draw in it if they want to. She chose to draw a 'playground with a few slides'. Lovely I think - and very creative :)
On Wednesday we like to go the library. I was trying to get a good picture of his flag t-shirt while he ran around :)

He has decided this week if we're sitting in a big chair he wants to as well!!

Reading her school 'reader' book to Max before bed 

He LOVES it!
Genna said this page in her read reminded her of Dadda reading books lol :) Her night time books make him sleepy! But it's her job now to read us her reader from school (new one each day) and then we read her 2 other books!
The weekend after the first week of school, Genna had a very exciting trip camping with Dadda! They went with a friend of Dadda's from work who has the same truck and 2 little boys.

First 4 wheel driving with 'the fox' too !!

Genna LOVED the muddy splashing!

Made it out the other side!!

Lunch break time :)

A wild echidna!! how exciting!

And some wild kangaroos - wow!!

Hmmm what are they getting up to?
A bit NSFW (not safe for work) but lol at Genna's commentary!

She was thrilled to have other kids along

Teaching them a bit of the Sound of Music :)


  1. Love you more than a million stars. Love you more than all the snowflakes in a Minnesota sky. Love you more than all the fish in the ocean. Love you more than all the butterflies in the entire world. Love you unconditionally and for as long as I live.

  2. Dear Genna and Max, We love seeing the beautiful pictures of you as you are enjoying the warm Australia weather. So happy to see how you both are growing physically and emotionally. Big leaps this year, with Genna entering Kindy and Max At the preschool all by himself without his big sister. Lots of changes and lots of growth in so many ways. Thank you Mommy for taking the time and energy to share all of the beautiful photos of you both, as we miss you so much. It is wonderful to see Max's milestones and he is getting so big. His sense of humor is tremendous already- how cute that he laughs when he puts on Mr. Potato head's glasses. Great to see pictures of Genevieve on her camping trip and Dada reading. Laughed to hear Genna's rendition of the sleeping Dad in her school reader. Such precious memories. Special times. Where is Mommy's photo on these blog entries? Love and kisses, Grandpa and Grandma

  3. I canNOT get enough of Maxi!! RIding in the laundry basket, reading with Dada and the Mr. Potato Head glasses!! What a funny guy!
    And HOW MUCH FUN is it to have Genna READING?!! I sooooo remember when each kid brought home their first reading book. Such a thrill. And she knows all the words from Sound of Music?!!! YES!!!
    Thanks so much!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani