Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kindy 2016

Genevieve's first day of kindy 2 Feb 2016

She cried at drop off but then did GREAT! She's loving all the new friends she's making, seeing all her friends from preschool and learning SO SO many new things. We're REALLY proud of her :)
Max misses her SO much in the day. He always runs up to her for a big hug at pickup :)
(she's talking about how she had 'non sticky' bandaids on her knees - fell today running but all good - just a few scratches :)

Lets see if I can remember a few cute things she told me

She has made lots of new friends. The boy who she sat next to last week (they sit at tables of 4 which are mixed up each week) - she said they 'drew and H together' :)

I started putting a little note in with her lunch sandwich, but because she doesn't read I was writing a name and a heart. She said 'Mama, you don't need to draw a heart. Write Love and put a heart after it. I learned how to read today, so I can read it :)'

One of the first days at home she was so cranky from exhaustion so was just chilling with tv after school. I put Max in the crook of my left elbow then started rubbing her feet with my right hand. I said do you feet hurt from your new shoes? She said yes please rub them that feels nice. Just a nice sweet moment to reconnect after a tough day :)

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  1. Love that Maxwell rushes to HUG Genna when you go to pick her up at school. Really sweet stories to remember about the first week of school. I will treasure my "Pet Cloud" messages about school and never erase them: "Grandmum, this is Genna talking...School was a Fairyland, a was wonderful! Genna Talking. Love you." My she touches my heart with LOVE!! Thanks for the great blog. Nice family photo of all of you on the first day of school. Take care and enjoy the first weekend off from school. Genna will be plenty tired after those long days of school.
    Love you, Grandpa and Grandma