Saturday, April 2, 2016

Misc & Murray's Birthday

cool dude in his new hat

loving that her doll matches her :)
color color scribble

and out of control drool!! those last 4 molars are definitely on their way!

on a Thomas the train ride at the mall

very proud of the bracelets we made together for her friends

take a picture of me making a silly face!
SO proud of how well her writing is coming along!

reading to her 'little' brother

KAH KAH!!! (helicopter)

Happy Birthday Dadda

Genna decorated the cake all by herself :)

Genna spent time with Dadda in the afternoon making this lovely shell necklace with shells they found at the beach :)
at the park :) such nice autumn weather at the moment

watching Dadda mow the grass :)


  1. Makes me wish I was coming down that front sidewalk to visit my Grand babies! That photo brought back tears to my eyes.

    Loved each and every picture and comment. Genna is writing and reading so nicely and Max is coloring and learning so many new words. Time flies...thanks for sharing a glimpse of these special moments.

    GREAT to see the lovely pictures of the kids with Murray on his birthday! They most certainly love their Dada. Good job parenting you guys. Love you and thank you for the time and effort to share this blog.
    Love, Grandma

    1. Happy past birthdays and many more. Maybe someday we can celebrate with you guys! Love Gram