Friday, April 22, 2016

21 Months

New favorite words - home (in the car he now understands when we say we're going home! and repeats over and over 'home home home')
Are you? ( I love that - when he's looking for me he'll run around yelling 'Mama are you?
'Dark' (with daylight savings it's now dark when they finish dinner at 6 - he loves it - pointing outside saying 'dark, moon!')

Mr. Cheesey smile :) I took a picture of him in his pjs cause he just looks so cute in them!

belated easter egg post - G very happy about her dyed eggs - it's hard drying brown eggs!! (SO hard to find white eggs here!)

Tractor!!! Fun at a play area
I was trying to get ready to leave the house with little people hanging on me - so I set up the sofas for them to watch me lol!

They were happy with that :)

First lollipop! Genna got 2 at a birthday party and shared with Max :)

Playing nicely together after dinner - Genna yelled 'take a picture of us please!'

They've started bickering a bit (MINE!) but overall they are still very good to each other :)


  1. Would love a recording of him speaking I have heard him on skype he is clear and precise!
    The two chairs and beautiful children is so precious. Gram

  2. Max, you are as cute as cute can be! Loved the almost two years old photos. Genna, it is lots of fun to color Easter eggs. Monique, you captured the most darling photos of the kids on their special kids couches. Also, love the commentary and the connection that this blog brings.
    Love and Hugs, Grandma and Grandpa

  3. Cannot get enough of their smiles...cheesy or otherwise!!! :o)
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  4. "Home,home,home!" Max, you captured my sentiments exactly. I cannot sleep thinking about how happy I am to have my children and grandchildren home for 4th of July! Nothing makes me happier!

    Have a joyous and memorable Mother's Day in Australia with your family. I am very proud of how hard you work at parenting. Nothing easy about being a Mom. However, it is my favorite job description, other than being a Grandmother. Loves and kisses from Genna and Max will make all the other things minor when you look back to these days. CUDDLE and CHERISH this time, it will never come again exactly as it is now. Proud of you, love you.

  5. I watch this daily, future farmer and model, how wonderful to have such beautiful children. GIGI