Saturday, May 14, 2016

22 Months

He has little conversations with us now. When I pick him up from daycare he'll say 'Fun, Bike, Outside!' I'll say oh did you play with your friends and he'll reply 'Play Jacob!' (his best little buddy)

The other night Murray was reading him his bedtime books. He pushed the book away and Murray said oh are you done with books? He nodded and said oh do you want some milk? He replied 'No.' He said ok well Dadda will put you to bed and he replied 'No, Mama bed.' and ran off to find me. Lol nice that he can communicate a bit!

His talking is getting better every day as well. The other day I said that's funny Genna that he's saying Mommy (cause he always says Mama), Genna said NO Mom - he's saying running! Lol - she was right!

I was trying hard to get a picture of this shirt :)

In the garage with Dadda wearing one of Genna's headbands he found :) He just wants to be like her!!

Sitting with Dadda out for brunch for Mother's Day

They had a GREAT playground right outside the cafe - the kids loved it!

Ahhh I LOVE this picture of them :)

A great morning out :)

And our photo shoot earlier that week for Mother's Day was fun too! 

lots of cuddles for Dadda when he got back from his work trip

they're loving the hats he brought them too!
Play afternoon at the park with Elsa

Gosh his hair is getting long :) I combed it up so I could portray the length!

Maxing a slide tunnel for Max

chooo choooo

At a bday party for one of Genna's friends - Max wanted to sit with the big girls

Getting ready to dance with her friend Hetanshi

the dj would call out 'nose to nose' and they were supposed to keep the ring up without using their hands - this was a hard one:)

Looking very cute on the first official day of winter uniform

performing with Max after school :)

but while she's at school - we will play

He asks me to take him to a slide every day 'Weee? Weee?'

The performers. I was told to sit on the sofa and they would put on a show :)


  1. Maxwell, you are such a handsome and smart boy! I loved the beginning photos with you smiling and looking so grown up. Genevieve, you are such a bright and shining star with your singing and your kindness to your brother and all you meet. It is such a joy to watch the videos and feel like we are there in Australia with you! Grandpa and I edpecially liked the one where you were singing and Max was following you waving the fly swatter like a septer. We laughed and smiled and watched it again and again. Glad you are having fun with the park equipment, at birthday parties and just with creative, imaginative play together. You are LOVED AND CHERISHED. Can't wait for your visit to America. Love, Grandma

  2. This was outstanding, all the pictures are just wonderful, Max, and Genna are growing so tall and so beautiful. GIGI

  3. I have watched the 'performance' videos over and over...can't get enough! SO much fun!!!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  4. The sliding photo of the two is darling!!! And the Mother's Day one is simply precious! And I'm like Joni (ha ha) because I can watch the performance videos alllllll day!!
    Love and miss yous,
    Great Auntie Jani