Friday, May 27, 2016

Max Talking, Genna Dancing & a Tooth!!!

I finally got a few videos of Max talking. It's hard to catch because as soon as I get my phone or camera out he runs over to see what I'm looking at! Lately he's been singing 'Beep beep beep, all day long'. Of course impossible to get on video - sigh!
Also I just need to note: the last week or so I've started a new routine that before I put him to bed I put his head down on my shoulder and say 'do you want me to say Rock A Bye?' Tonight he popped up and nodded his head and said 'Baby RockBy' :) :) :)

Genna's first school 'disco.' They had a dj for the kindy-year 2 kids from 5-6:30, then a later session for the older (year 3-6) kids. 5-6:30 was just perfect for us

Of course little brother wanted to be part of the action too!!

Genna with her besties - Izzy & Olivia

Dancing with Olivia

This is SO fun!! He was bopping along with the music too - it was just too dark for me to get a video unfortunately!

On Stage!!
She had SUCH a fantastic time :) :)
Horsey rides after dinner :) They are getting VERY good at entertaining themselves after dinner so I can clean up the kitchen !  

I had to take a pic of this - Genna made a card for her friend Olivia :) :)

It's a Mary Poppins dressup kind of afternoon (the next day while she was at school Max got out the umbrella and hat to replicate her outfit lol)

She lost her first tooth - SOOOOO exciting!! This is a note from a Peppa Pig book about losing your teeth that she's had for YEARS - she has so been looking forward to this
It says:
Dear Tooth Fairy
My tooth fell out today
I've given it an extra
special clean so that
it is lovely and sparkly
for you. I hope you like it!
Love from Genna

Also - she was thrilled when Helen arrived that evening for a sleep over - to show her the tiny tooth she lost! Helen also gave her a gift - a lovely GAP top and leggings - she said 'How did you know I'd have a gap in my teeth????' lol soooo sweet

 So 2 hours after she goes to bed I sneak in to replace it with a $2 coin (which seems to be the going rate for the kids in her class....). It's a TINY tooth so I had her put it in a little drawstring bag. I come in and she's face down hugging her pillow with both arms!!! I desperately tried to fish it out without stirring her and she pops up and says 'did she come'??? and throws her pillow to the side. Sighs when she sees the bag with the tooth in it still there. I say oh she must not have come yet, I was just adjusting your blankets, go back to sleep. So I go read for 45 minutes and figure she MUST be asleep again by now. She's now asleep on her back and I can easily reach the pouch, which I put up under the corner of her pillow for easy access. And she pops up sitting AGAIN! Totally drowsy 'did she COME???' I quickly swapped it out with the coin and put the drawstring bag in the waistband of my pjs. OH LOOK Genna - it's here - the coin - she came!! She was SO thrilled (and thankfully so drowsy she didn't see me do the swap....). She said she's going to spend it on 'something she can keep' rather than use it in the canteen or for an ice cream :)

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