Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Genna's 6th Birthday party with her school friends

Practicing writing at school

She colored this to hang on the door - so people would know it was her party :)
pretty decorations by Dadda's picture

Little mermaid was the theme obviously lol

We love balloons! VERY festive!

First we celebrated Helen's birthday :)

with a yummy cookie cake!

first guest has arrived - time to start decorating cupcakes!!

I'll have a few marshmallows please!

Getting organised for pass the parcel

while brother entertains himself :)


Genna's best friend Olivia :)
Genna & her friends :) Such sweet little things - I think they all had a GREAT time!

Showing off their hand tattoos - little mermaid themed of course. They sat there and colored for ages!!

Then it was CAKE TIME!

She chose an ice cream cake :)


She got such lovely gifts
and lots of shopkins - she's a new fan!!! :) (it's 'the thing' for girls her age I guess!)

I love these earmuffs!!
LOL! A fabulous afternoon. Genna loved it, so did her friends. A huge Thank You to Helen for all her help and Murray for keeping Max entertained during the party :)
next day we prepped cupcakes to bring to school!

Fun early birthday celebrations :)

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  1. I seemed to have missed this lovely friend's birthday post! What fun!!! Loved seeing the joy in Genna's sweet face. Love, Mom