Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Minnesota Part 1

The flight over was ok - a lot of work with Max, as I expected, but 1000% worth it! The highlights were the 100 laps of the plane we did, especially when he dragged his lovely blanket up and down the aisles - ewwww it was SO dirty. Also he licked the airplane seat, and on our flight to Minneapolis he leaned over and spit on the floor behind us - a little girl back there said ewwww he just spit! Sigh. But overall it wasn't horrible - only a few little bouts of overtired crying, no major drama :)
The first few days - just to get a start on all the pics :)
I woke up early the first few days with jet lag - the sunrises sure were pretty though! Thankfully the kids slept great from day 1!! I think all the sleep they got on the trip really helped a lot!
Straight off the plane - we had dinner then went out for a lovely boat ride. Genna was thrilled to drive the boat with Grandpa.
Max chatting with Gigi Sis

Marcus & Amy's dog Buck was happy to be along for the ride too

Happy to be on holiday :)

Buck was very interested in Genna

A big gentle puppy

Max's turn to drive

I was very happy to see Grandma!!

Best photo ever :) :) :)

Trucks on the boat too - wow what fun!

Our lookout
The next day, thrilled with the Elmo he got from Grandpa & Grandma

Genna had a great time playing a word card puzzle set too!
Max LOOOOOOOOVED mowing with Grandpa

don't worry - I'll steer

Genna loved it too

And a fun new dog pool toy from Aunty Mariah!

Thrilled with her cute new swimsuit & to be with Grandma :) :)
First Haircut!!! His hair was starting to stick out at the sides & the back - it was time for a trim (Genna is staring at a movie they had on to distract him)

she really wasn't that cranky - well a bit from jet lag lol - just concentrating

All done!

and THRILLED with the lollipop he got :)
First hair wash at the hairdresser!

And a stop by Dairy Queen on the way back - she was THRILLED! :)
Veronica & Genna - first meeting of the girl cousins :)

peek-a-boo !

Here I'll pop your nuk back in for you!

telling each other stories?

going in for a cuddle :)

and later, breakfast with Mama

a lovely meal outside with family - fabulous

and the kids had fun on the playground!

matching Max & Alex (we had photos earlier that day with the cousins)

Alex liked the Australia puzzle we gave him for his 5th birthday!

decorating cupcakes for an early treat for Genna's 6th birthday

cup of cupcake tea?

and Brock too!

Max loves his new boy baby doll from Gigi Sis too! Thrilled to have his own (he's always stealing Genna's!)
Sharing a baby cheese puff with Grandpa

Happy to be in Minnesota!

Fun playing at the awesome beach Grandpa made!

Brock is SO gentle - a great dog with kids


  1. Great to relive those fun times with the children at home. Thanks so much for the lovely visit. Cherished memories and joyous times. Their energy and spirit was a blessing. Love, Mom

  2. Such a phenomenal post!! Went by way too quickly, as always!
    Thanks for the great memories!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni