Sunday, July 24, 2016

MN Part 2 - 4th of July & Genna's Bday

His favorite thing to do was be 'outside!!!' and trucks & rocks of course :)
driving Gigi's Sis's car came a close second - SO fun

Helping Grandpa drive Gigi home another day

First dairy queen ice cream :) lol

Working on chalk art with Grandma

cutie pie niece Veronica :)

SO happy - she help onto the ladder and was lowering herself into the refreshing water

then her hat blew off - luckily aunty Mariah jumped in to save it

Johnny & Veronica - too cute

& Joni

Dada cuddles are the best though

Fun on the swings with Grandpa

cousins :)

Cuties Esmay & Veronica with their Grandmas at 4th of July celebrations at Gigi Sally's house

Gigi Sally with the 2 little girls

'The greats' with Gigi (just missing Luke :) This was the last time Max had clothes on. It was hot and he stripped down naked to play in the paddling pool. Hilarious - first time he has done that :)

It was a lovely relaxing afternoon for chatting!

Love :)

tic tac toe

fun bike rides with Mariah (very slowly of course!)

they LOVED doing this!!

back at the house - everyone's set up at a distance to watch Grandpa set off some fireworks (me chatting with Jenny & Troy in the background)

Gigi love :) A really fun 4th of July! We let Genna stay up until it got a bit dark so she could watch fireworks all around the lake from the windows inside - she was thrilled!
The next day - big birthday girl is 6 in her new princess pjs!

off for a special bday day with Grandma at the butterfly exhibit!

they liked the smell of her hair detangler

She had a Brilliant time!! And a nice hot dog lunch afterwards - her favorite :)

They popped by dairy queen to pick out a cake too. She instructed the lady in the design she wanted - purple edges with a lovely rainbow & a butterfly. We skyped with Dadda to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake, So exciting to share with Dadda that we forgot to take pictures opps! It was gorgeous and delicious though!!

fun binoculars from the day!

Hello there babies!

loving his new tractor!!

looking through pictures of Mama when she was little

Grandma & I saying goodbye to Veronica

& Amy - they were off back to Montana
Buck their dog was sad to go - he had a great time with Brock :)
Time for some shoe shopping!!

They didn't care about the shoes -but they were thrilled to discover this train that goes around the mall!

SOOOOOO excited!!

Another beautiful day at the beach Grandpa built - gosh we had great weather

Brock was loving it too!

nice relaxing spot for us nearby too!

boat ride time!

time for a dance!

Having the BEST time!

fishing with Grandpa


  1. Loved having you home in Minnesota! What a fun time we had. Lots of super fun celebrations! GG and I were watching the videos and laughing! Love you, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Every single photo and video is spectacular! But my favorite is Monique sitting in the choo choo train!! LOL!
    Thanks again for all the smiles!
    G.A. Joni