Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recent Pics - The last of the bday celebrations :)SO)

Bunnings fun with Dadda 

helping Mama bake :)
At the museum - Genna got her first real camera - so we had to get Max something so he didn't feel left out :) This 'camera' shows a selection of 6 toy story pictures when he pushes the button
We went to the Australian Museum with Nanna & GrandDad & Helen - it was SO great - the kids loved it 
busy taking pictures :)

lol so cute

G absolutely LOVED her camera! She took tons of pics - of course I can't find the cord to get them off the camera - will have to wait for Murray to get back to post those :)
Outside the museum on a beautiful water display - our little photographer :)

back at home decorating her cake

Max decided on Thomas the Train cupcake holders and flags :) I let him pick at the shops - he was THRILLED - CHOO CHOO!

Genevieve picked her decorations as well :)

New battery operated trains for my train set YAY!

CHOO CHOO - so happy - thanks Nanna & GrandDad!

and a
train track set YAY!

setting up the track with GrandDad

don't know how this turned into a mostly Max post :) I think it's because most of the pics of G are on HER camera!! Will post them ASAP!

walking to school with GrandDad :)
During their visit - Genna had a very special day - her first school excursion!

A Teddy Bear's picnic!!! (that's hers closest to us - on the light blue/purple bag()

While they were off doing a 'bush walk' and learning all about the forest, the parent helpers setup this teddy bear picnic for lunch - SO cute. I asked G how do you think they got set up so nice? She said 'well Olivia and I think it was magic' ahhhh precious

part of their forest treasure hunt

Half of the kindergarten kids at her school - the other half went the previous week :)

with her buddies Gracie & Olivia

she has a few massive teddies but wanted to bring this little one in it's igloo to be different! :)
meanwhile at home - I was enjoying some passed out cuddles :) will enjoy it for as long as I can!!
That weekend Genna had an 'art party' birthday party celebration for her friend Gracie

Genna's finished painting - so nice!!! The lady gave them a stencil to trace the bunny - but the rest she just talked them through - so awesome.

The gang - these 4 are besties at school (from left) Gracie, Olivia, Izzy & Genna

Genna & her friend Georgia painting
and the next weekend was Father's Day

cuddle with Dadda

Genna took money into school and picked him this present from the stalls :)

I picked this - a gift that he'll actually use :)

Max also made a few things for him at daycare - paintings & this collage

we had them eating at the big table together, but then Max decided he's only 'sit' on his knees (he's scream KNEES! and refuse to sit down). SO we're back to the kiddy table, watching kids youtube to keep them seated long enough to fill up. Cute

G next to the bags of dirt Dadda had delivered to finish off the planting of our 'screening' bushes behind the pool!

and to finish off Father's Day weekend we did a lovely 4 wheel drive trip out to the Blue Mountains

Max took his time walking around the truck patting and cuddling it lol

we all had fun :)
A great day out :)


  1. Loved every photo and caption of your lives. Trains, Teddy bear picnics, Father's Day, birthdays, cooking, and cuddling. What more could you ask for? Kisses and Hugs. Love you.

  2. Your children had so many birthday parties this year...with friends, family on both sides of the world, school buddies, daycare pals, and it was indeed a memorable time for Genna and Max. Lucky children to be so loved by so many! Thanks for posting the photographs. Also, I truly enjoyed all of the comments about their journeys and growth day by day. You have always done such a super job of including us in the celebrations in your lives. I am happy for Dad to be able to spend time with you and the kids; I know he is greatly looking forward to visiting. Wish I could be there too. Sending love, kisses, and hugs, as well as a suitcase of goodies with Dad. Love, Mom

    Miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani