Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wow it's been awhile! Catch-up Post!

Gosh I haven't done in a blog in ages - just got busy & forgot oops! Quick catchup!
Bday party at the park - great place to bring her new scooter!

Max made a friend who was happily pushing him on the swintg

Genna & Izzy

& with best buddy Olivia

at home after ballet class - she was capturing the kookaburra on the street light! (Max was too :):)

After bath Dadda cuddles

chino time!

he yells out 'MY CHOKLAT!' it's just foamed milk with chocolate powder on top but he loooooooves it

cuddle with big sister :)
previous sleeping face ahhhhhh

first ever wear anything to school day - she picked this outfit and was THRILLED!

playing picnic in a light sprinkle - they had a great time - they really can play SO nicely together (when they want to!)
Big puppy with little puppy :)
We decided to go to the reptile park one day - they had massive bats too!
Max loved all the wallabies

this one had a joey in her pouch

hard to tell from the pics but we saw legs and a tail hanging out of the pouch :)

I'm going to chase you ahhhhh!
They had a picnic area in this section and I saw one lady bat a big wallaby in the head after he kept coming up and stealing food from their picnic table ha ha!

They have SUCH an awesome playground too!

dinosaurs too - raaaaaah!

sometimes a bit scary!

we were happy we got there in time to see Elvis the crocodile get his feeding as well - he's massive!

at friend Olivia's birthday party

and another party! Max was scared of the dog cause he was so friendly & kept jumping up on him - but was happy to pet him when I held the dog still

enjoying the magician entertainer with her classmates

with her buds - Izzy, Olivia & birthday girl Heidi

we LOVE ice cream cake!!

they loved their balloons from the magician!
off to Featherdale with Grandpa - always a great time!

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we love how close you can get to the Aussie animals

and SO much fun back at home with Grandpa

a scooter stroller picnic apparently :)

ice blocks with Grandpa after he picked up Genna - great on a hot day!

LOVING Grandpa horsey :)

chino with Grandpa after dropping Genna at school :)
we had a fun day out in the Blue Mountains with Grandpa. Fun to go out in our truck 'The Fox' !!

and an update on Max

his favorite sayings at the moment:
'My Come?' when we stop anywhere in the car - even though he always comes with me ha ha
'My Chocolate!!!" when waiting for a baby chino
I'm VERY proud that he says 'Yes Please' and 'No TankU' many times a day :)
and after Grandpa left & Dadda went away for work, we decided we needed to cheer up - so what did we get? Baby chinos of course :) lol I see a theme here..... but it's a nice outing for us!

cute sleepy man

and last weekend at her friend Izzy's painting party

Genna's class hosting the weekly 'assembly.' They give out awards, and the hosting class sings a few sogs etc

It's a bg deal for kindergarten kids to host, because everyone in the class is assigned a line to say

her whole class :) practicing before the rest of kindy, year 1 & 2 come in

singing the Australian national anthem

everyone's here!

The school motto - gosh she's had a good first year of school. SUCH a great school :)

Genna's line! She said 'Mr H can you please dismiss the assembly'
She practiced all week and was SO proud of herself for speaking clearly in front of such a big crowd!!

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  1. Great photographs of the children! Loved the Grandpa John's visit glimpses, too. Genevieve has so many friends and school seems to be going great. Maxwell continues to be a champion at making people smile. However, my favorite was Max on the piano and Genna matching the note and dancing in place. The blog absolutely made my day. Thanks so very much! Love you!!!! Grandma and Grandpa