Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Our Dancer :)

I do need to do a catchup blog too, but I left it too long (busy with SO many things) so it'll take me a few days to get it organised

In the meantime - Genevieve's first dance concert :) :)

We took her friend Alannah to practice with us (her Mom helped me by taking Genna few days before for another practice!). They had SO much fun! The practice was at 9 am and had their hair braided after the practice sessions for ballet & jazz!

Back at home we spent the day relaxing!
Then Helen did a beautiful job on Genna's makeup and she got dressed & ready to go!

She was SO confident in the show!! Looked to the side a LOT (just like the rest of them:) to glance at the instructors as to what to do next. But then she'd look at the audience and was just SO great!

I burst into tears when she came on - just SO grown up - so gorgeous

during the intermission - changed into her jazz costume!
We didn't get any good pics of the jazz dance because they were moving so much!! But we bought the dvd!! The jazz dance was SOOOO cute :) We were super duper proud of her!!

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