Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Misc Genna

Some fun random pics from last week

Oh yes - my bug - I do love him!

In her stroller - she was meant to be sleeping and when we peeked in she had grabbed the wrap I had used to cover the bottom of the stroller and was playing with it!

All snuggly

Hello lion!

She loves his colorful feet

Oh hello - just cooling off with my clothes off after a very hot spring day

Little Miss big eyes - love that blue!

She LOVES to pull herself up

I'm so strong I can almost sit up by myself

Playing in her chair with her bug - tongue all ready to go


Trying out my new sleep sack - she didn't like it - shame cause it's nice and stretchy material and lets her have her arms up in a comfy position.


  1. I spent most of my baby/toddler-hood in a nappy and not much else either. Have to love those hot spring days! :) Cute pics!

  2. OMG, that is SOOO CUTE!!!