Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 12

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 12 weeks old!!You are so interested in everything that's going on around you these days

This is your usual pose now - clutching your hands together - hatching your plan for the day

You love to lick anything and everything as of this week - especially your hands! I often have pools of saliva dripping down my arm when I carry you around

You are my Little Miss Sunshine:) Even though this week you have decided you don't like to sleep during the day in your crib anymore, you are still a pretty happy little girl. I think you have just decided to push Mommy to lose the rest of her pregnancy weight by long daily walks so you can sleep on the move!

You also have fully mastered grasping onto toys (you also discovered how far you can stick your tongue out this week - here it is ready for the bug!)

Ohhhh yummmy

It's been a great week. Although I do really miss my daily naps, I was thrilled that you have shown us you can sleep 10 hours a night (it only happened twice - but at least we know it's possible)!

We have spent the last few days packing and organizing ourselves for our trip to America to meet Mommy's family. It's going to be quite a journey, but I think we'll be fine :)



  1. I'm sure you have been told this, but one trick for flying with an infant is to make sure she is hungry for take off and for landing (no small feat of course) so that she is nursing/eating during the cabin pressure changes. You know how adults chew gum in order to swallow to pop your ear drums? Same principle. Good luck!! Cannot wait to see you all!
    Great Aunt Jani

  2. Genevieve's hands are folded in prayer, not hatching out the plan for the day. : )That's the great thing about being a Grandparent, no discipline or comments unless they are praise for the kids. Counting down the days until she is in our arms. Love, Grandma Debi