Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swimming and Out & About

Ready for week 3 of swimming

With a fun ball

I HATE these things mama - I can't bend my arms (she cried, so I had to take them off! we won't bother with them again until she's older)

kick kick kick

she gets more comfortable each week

what's happening over there?

Ring Around the Rosie

Going In

And Going Out

Lennox grabbing Genna's swimsuit strap! She was not pleased :)

A quick shower off when we were done

Genna with Daddy

I love my Daddy

Can I have a little nibble on your finger please?

Cuddles with Nanna and her favourite toy - sunglasses!

Playing piano

Week 4 of swimming - Genna in her pretty new swimsuit from Great Grandma Sis

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  1. Great Grandma Sis says Genna looks darling in the new swim suit. Love, Grandma