Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 31 - 7 Months

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 7 months old (also 31 weeks!)
You are on the move!! You can scoot across the room super quickly

And I can't trust you to sit on the sofa for photos anymore - you're too quick!

Going for your favorite thing in the whole world - the tv remote......

Sleepy munchkin

Daddy snuck in to take some photos of you sleeping - you and your bunny :)
You mostly sleep on your side now

At Fairlight Beach - we had a fun catch up with our friends Lindsay & Chloe, we had a dip in the water too - so warm & lovely!

Breakfast at Shelly Beach - it was fun to get out in the morning - until you leaned over and before I knew it you stuck 3 fingers in the sand & licked it off!!!!

You had your first finger food this week - apples and carrots

Concentrating hard! You prefer carrots - I think it's because they are easier to spot on the high chair :)

Happy and ready for lunch!

This week we had to say goodbye to your beloved whale bath

It was time to retire it after you decided you didn't want to just sit anymore in the bath

You are up and down and all over the place now - grabbing for the cloth, up on your knees...

and grabbing for the tap too - just not safe anymore - even with my arms nearby as you are SO fast!

So we got a lovely little bath mat and tried that instead

But you flipped right over, and then tried to stand, then sit, then stand - so that only lasted 1 night. Now I sit in the bath with you - surrounded by my legs you are much safer and can still have a fun time in the bath (most of which is spent standing- ha ha!)

And this week was also your 31 week birthday
Sometimes you won't cooperate with smiles - but I love your goofy faces too

Huge smiles - gosh you LOVE to roll - especially now that it is SO easy!

Your hair is getting SO fluffy - I love it!

And attack the sandals - gosh you are quick!

Love you lots, my gorgeous girl


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  1. Dear Genevieve,
    Wow, you are really on the go, now! Loved seeing your photos from the beach and your adventures out of the house. Bet you keep your Mommy plenty busy these days. You are such a beautiful and smart girl! Enjoyed the photos that Daddy took of you sleeping with the bunny,too. Great Grandma Sis brought over my baby photos before she left for Florida; plus, I have photos from your Mommy at 7 months...we will have to get Joni to scan them and send them to you. Have a great week! Love, Grandma