Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Lovely Weekend

We started off the weekend by going to the mall - you spotted this ride and said Please Please!
Holding your puppy handbag on your elbow - gosh you love that thing!

SO much fun!

Your favorite cartoon character - Elmo!

Playing a game on Mama's new i-phone

ohhhhhh marshmellow


Sunday we made our way to Featherdale wildlife park - and I got to hold this cute little owl!

Ohhhh a koala sleeping (Genna was VERY excited to see koalas...)

A cute little Kookaburra


Oh look - this one is awake and eating!

and some cute little kangaroos! (or Roos as Genna calls them)

They were ALL over the place

Genevieve checking out the penguins

Look Mama - another koala!

SO CUTE - a very big koala baby on its Mother's back :)

We had a GREAT time - its such a wonderful park - so many great Australian animals to see (we also enjoyed seeing the wombats and the Tasmanian devil running laps in his enclosure!)

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  1. Genna, Mom, and Auntie Helen...
    Looks like you had a wonderful time being together and just celebrating life. How fun for you to be at the zoo, the mall, and to host a big tea party on top of all of that! BRAVO!
    Times like this are what the best memories are made of. Love, Grandma and Grandpa