Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nearly 22 Months Old

On Tuesday when I picked you up from daycare you didn't have your zip up sweatshirt on - I looked around the room and couldn't find it - so I said 'Genevieve, where's your jumper?' You ran to the slide and grabbed it from underneath and brought it to me - what a smart girl!

Arriving at daycare with your cute backpack on
Also that day I was looking at the photo slideshow on the laptop in your room to see what you had done that day. Lori who works in your room had put a cute bow in your hair and she had taken some pictures of you wearing her diamond bracelet - she said you were learning that diamonds are a girl's best friend ha ha. When you saw yourself on the screen you pointed and said Gen veeve!
You're getting quite good at saying your name :)

Today when I picked you up you said 'Bye Mila, Bye Sana' to your friends - so sweet:) You also have started saying your main teacher's name - she said you say 'Meechel - Come!' when you want her to come play with you (Michelle). Also you copied Michelle the other day when she was telling Mila not to stand on the sofa - you said 'Mila stop, Get Down'!

I have always let you push the on button on the washing machine, but you LOVE to push it multiple times (which turns it off). So I started saying One Time!You came in the other day to help and said 'One Time' and gently pushed the button once and laughed when it started spinning - fun!

We also had a lovely visit from Helen & Nanna - fun with bubbles!
And they brought some Gorgeous cupcakes! Yummy too!!
You also now love to say LATER! (as in 'see you later'). When you push your stroller around the house you always stop before leaving the room to say 'Bye bye, Later!'

Just this week you started saying 'Hold This' - you like to hand us stuff to hold while you pick up other stuff - so cute.

Also this weekend we were driving through Manly looking for a parking spot and you suddenly yelled out 'Beach - YAY!' - we had a good laugh - you must have recognized where we were? (or spotted the ocean) - either way I think that's pretty darn smart!
You with Dada at the beach - there was a chilly wind!
At Manly Beach! We put on our sunglasses so we could see the planes flying overhead for ANZAC day.
Lennox, Me & Genevieve (you both wanted to stand on my lap!) - we went to Manly to see Cassie, Hamish, Zephyr & Lennox one more time before they return to the UK.

I'm also happy that you are now fully over the flu bug you had and are finally eating well again - last night you asked for BocLi (broccoli) and when I gave you a bowl of mixed veggies too you looked in it and said 'Corn - Yes!'.

We also had a good time at Bunnings this weekend - you LOVED pushing the little cart (and carrying a few things around for us!)
Go Go Go !
 You are also getting SO close to potty training for real. Last week on the way back from the beach you said 'Change Nappy?' I just looked back at you with my mouth hanging open! I finally composed myself enough to say 'Yes - when we get home I will change your nappy' (you had just done a wee), you were satisfied with that answer and went back to singing the Wheels on the Bus!  You also had a morning where I got you dressed and sat you down in your highchair then you started yelling POO POO! and refused to sit down until I changed your nappy (it actually was just a wee, but you seem to call both poo poo). Anyhow, the point is that you understand now when you are wet and you don't like it - a big step!



  1. Awesome blog!! Loved the beach photos... can see both of you in Genna there! And she is getting so so talkative! Such a smart lady! Really enjoyed all the stories... THANK YOU!!
    Aunt Joni
    PS- only 44 days till your arrival in MN... but who's counting?!

  2. What a smart girl!! There's something about the Manley photos where Genna has her sunglasses on that looks SO much like her Uncle Marcus!! Do you see it?
    Love you all,
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. Murray was saying the same thing last night Jani!!! In the cat hat photo I think she looks a lot like Murray, but in the beach photo you can see a resemblance of Marcus! Such a mix :)

  4. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO counting Joni - can NOT wait!!!!

  5. I agree with the resemblances... look at the IDENTICAL smiles between Daddy and Genna in the cat-hat photo!!!!