Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 Genevieve Joni is EXACTLY the same age that I was when this picture was taken at Joni & Kevin's wedding on December 19, 1981

How cool is that?

Gosh I had a LOT of hair! Good curling job Mom :) LOVE the shoes too!
And of course Joni looks Stunning!!! Love that headpiece :)


  1. Dear Monique,
    You were not very happy about me setting your hair with those little pink, foam curlers! You liked to dress up, but you never wanted me to mess with your hair. It took a lot of bribery to get those curls ready for the wedding! Sure can see a lot of you in Genevieve! Love, Mom

  2. That is really a beautiful photo, Monique. You look like a little Shirley Temple, and wha a pretty bride~the classic Esmay good looks!

  3. Joni and you were two beautiful girls and you are still two beautiful women. Now you have your own little star to add to the team. Love you all, G. gram

  4. I kind of put on a "cockney english" there! Wha a pretty bride! Deb...I know exactly the pink foam rollers you used! You were a wonderful mom, sometimes a girl does what a girl has to do!! Monique looked like a little doll. I need to see more photos of that you have any? Joni~was that a Juliet hairpiece?